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Recruitment Procedure

Government of Pakistan has laid down the following procedure of recruitment of manpower from Pakistan on behalf of employers abroad:

1. The employer abroad will give us the following papers: –

a. A POWER OF ATTORENY on his letterhead to appoint us as his recruiting Agent in Pakistan (Specimen at page 7)
b. A DEMAND Letter addressed to mention number of posts, salaries and other terms and conditions of service (spacemen at page 8)

2. All these three papers shall be attested by one of the following: –

a. Foreign Office of the country of employer.
b. Embassy of Pakistan in the country of employer, and
c. Embassy of employer’s country in Pakistan.

3. Miscellaneous

a. Arrangement of Visas and work permit for the selected persons shall be the responsibility of the employer.
b. For the right selection of manpower, their interviews, trade tests and medical examinations, etc, will be arranged by us in minimum possible time.
c. Agreement in the presence of Government authorities and a copy of that will be provided to the employer.
d. Airticket from the place of hiring to the nearest airport tin employer’s  country, shall be paid by the employer.